Gavin Hamilton was the second-highest impact batsman of the 1999 World Cup. He was second only to Steve Waugh in the tournament.

Scotland lost all their 5 matches in the tournament. Gavin Hamilton scored 217 runs at an average of 54 from 5 matches. He was at number nineteen on the runs tally list, yet was the second-highest impact batsman, only behind Steve Waugh. This was because he scored the second-highest proportion of runs (runs scored in proportion to team total) and did not fail even once in the tournament.

He also regularly absorbed pressure (of falling wickets) and scored his runs at a norm higher than the match rate.

For instance, coming in to bat at 16 for 4 against Pakistan in Chester-le-Street, he scored 76 in 111 balls. The second-highest score for Scotland was 22.

He also scored 34 in 42 balls (coming in at 87 for 4) against the West Indies in a team total of 181.



Nikhil Narain

NOTE: This piece is up-to-date as of August 2016