Highest Impact Player of the match

Quinton de Kock (6.54)

Highest Impact Batsman

Quinton de Kock (5.74)

Highest Impact Bowler

Imran Tahir (3.99)

Highest Impact Player (West Indies)

Marlon Samuels (4.64)

Highest Economy Impact (Bowler)

Imran Tahir (1.49)

Highest Strike Rate Impact (Batsman)

David Wiese (0.18)

West Indies sealed their semi-final berth following a 3-wicket win over South Africa in Nagpur on Friday (25 Mar).

Quinton de Kock emerged as the highest impact player, and batsman, of this low-scoring affair. It was the manner in which he got his runs that contributed to his high impact. He was the top-scorer for South Africa (and in the match) and his entire innings was under immense pressure as he kept losing partners. The lone highlight of his effort was a 50-run stand for the sixth wicket with David Wiese, which gave them both Partnership-Building Impact . Quinton’s tidy glove work also contributed to his overall impact in the match. Wiese, meanwhile, had the highest Strike Rate Impact for scoring at a rate higher than the match norm.

Imran Tahir finished as the highest impact bowler for his two top/middle order wickets in a highly restrictive spell. He also had the highest Economy Impact in the match.

Marlon Samuels was West Indies’ highest impact player. He contributed to 36% of the chase and, in so doing, had Partnership-Building Impact and Chasing Impact .

Interestingly, based on each side’s performance, South Africa had a 3% higher impact than West Indies in the match. This shows that South Africa, by the thinnest of margins, played more as a team (i.e. more individuals contributed). Furthermore, some of their players had to go through tougher situations in the match to make it the closely fought contest it turned out to be.


Karthik Swaminathan