Greenidge scored the maximum runs (253 at 84 per dismissal), Richards had the best batting average (108) but it was Collis King, who played just 18 ODIs in his career, who eclipsed them to emerge as the highest impact batsman of the 1979 World Cup. 

King scored the only half-century of his short ODI career in the final against England at Lord’s. He joined hands with Richards at 99 for 4 and put together 139 for the fifth wicket dominating the partnership. He scored 86 of just 66 deliveries – a tournament-defining performance as West Indies beat Australia by 92 runs.

He also scored 34 off 25 balls in the semi-finals against Pakistan.

King’s scored his runs at a rate much higher than the match norm – in fact this was the differentiator between him and Vivian Richards, the only other batsman who gave a tournament-defining performance in the tournament.



Nikhil Narain

NOTE: This piece is up-to-date as of August 2016