Shaun Pollock was the highest impact batsman in the famous 5-match ODI series against Australia in 2006 which culminated with the world-record 434 chase.

He had the seventh highest aggregate of runs but the highest Runs Tally Impact (proportion of runs scored in a match) and Strike Rate Impact . Moreover, he was the most consistent batsman in the series and did not fail even once.

Herschelle Gibbs is the second highest impact batsman even after his series impact gets a boost from the series-defining performance in the final ODI in Johannesburg. This is a remarkable fact and highlights Pollock’s consistency with the bat throughout the series (and Gibbs’ inconsistency).

In fact, if we only measure performances in a match context, Gibbs is at number six on the highest impact batsmen list as he failed in 3 of the 5 matches in the series.

Pollock did not bat in the first ODI. In the second, coming down at 192 for 5 in the 39th over, he hit a cameo 38 off 27 deliveries (fourth highest score in the match).

Again, coming down at 69 for 5 in the third he made 69 off 74 (highest scorer of the match). He again smashed 53 off 33 (third highest score in the match) after walking in at 173 for 6 in the fourth ODI. Pollock did not play the fifth ODI due to a back strain.



Nikhil Narain

NOTE: This piece is up-to-date as of August 2016