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Impact Index is run by a company based in Mumbai, India called Impact Index Cricket Pvt Ltd. Its majority stake-holder is the creator and founder of the system - Jaideep Varma. There is a team of technical architects, web specialists and researchers who are constantly developing it, for the long haul.
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Jaideep Varma’s lifelong love for cricket and a growing disquiet with the way cricketers were being evaluated, over the last two decades particularly, led to the ideas that eventually formed Impact Index in 2009. As the main idea evolved and began holding up to all kinds of scrutiny, he decided to commit himself full-time to it to take it to its fullest potential. Otherwise, he has been a writer/filmmaker whose novel Local was published in 2005. He has also made two feature films – Hulla (2008) and Leaving Home – the Life & Music of Indian Ocean (2010) – the latter opened the Indian Panorama at the International Film Festival of India at Goa, in November 2010. It also won the National Film Award. In Feb-March 2011, he also did a 30-episode video diary (with Gokul Chakravarthy) on the Cricket World Cup for Cricinfo called Running Between the Cricket. Currently, he is working full-time on Impact Index as its founder, ideator and custodian.

RS Prakash’s casual interest in cricket is served well as a director of Impact Index, as the system has made the sport easier and more accessible to follow now than it ever had been for him. His belief in this system and its status as an equivalent of a premier rating system in the sporting world is served well by his background. He is currently a director at Reliance Private Equity and has previously been at Actis Private Equity, Ernst & Young, Arthur Anderson, IL&FS and ICRA since the procurement of his CA degree in 1995.

Soham Sarkhel’s initial belief of cracking it as a professional cricketer backfired miserably when he realised that his angular batting stance led to an increase of 463% when it came to his chances of getting bowled. The very same day he realised that quantifying such an anomaly was exceptional on his part and instead decided to dab his hands with numbers and cricket. 3 years down the line with a Bachelors’ degree in Media & Communication from Symbiosis, he is now a writer cum statistician for Impact Index and believes the system will one day be able to prove his unrequited love for Sadagopan Ramesh (which it doesn’t) and Roger Twose (which it does).

Impact Index
Created by Jaideep Varma.
Team: Jaideep Varma, RS Prakash, Soham Sarkhel.
Technical support by Innosolv.

Impact Index Version 4.0
Patent pending. Application number 3002/MUM/2010.


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