Below is the list of all 108 players who were put up for auction (and what they were bought for and by whom), arranged in descending order of impact.

From the highest impact 25 players, 8 were bought (with an average impact of 2.15) for $2.49 million. From the lowest impact 25 players, 9 were bought (with an average impact of 1.19) for $2.75 million. Something is seriously wrong.

Career Impact numbers are on a scale of 0 to 5.

These numbers include the impact of all completed T20 matches by the player, domestic and internationals, with a 20% higher value for Grade A Internationals.

All numbers updated till 31st January 2013.

TDs stand Tournament-defining performances – these are high impact performances in a knockout stages of a tournament which the players’ team went on to win.

* NOTE: A player with a low sample size of matches and with a TD will have a disproportionately high Impact (example: Joe Burns). Those numbers have to be seen in that context.

(bm) – batsman
(ar) – all-rounder
(mp) – medium pacer
(sp) – spinner
(f) – fast
(c) - captain


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