Highest Impact Player of the match

Virat Kohli (8.95)

Highest Impact Batsman

Virat Kohli (8.7)

Highest Impact Bowler

Ravindra Jadeja (2.69)

Highest Impact Player (Pakistan)

Shoaib Malik (2.78)

Highest Economy Impact (Bowler)

Mohammad Amir (1.36)

Highest Strike Rate Impact (Batsman)

Virat Kohli (0.98)

Saturday’s (19 Mar) inclement weather had reduced Eden Garden’s marquee contest to 18 overs a side, but that would matter a jot as India continued their dominance over arch-rivals Pakistan in ICC events, courtesy a six-wicket win powered by ​the man who has the highest Chasing Impact in T20I history – Virat Kohli.

Kohli ​(55* off 37) ​emerged as the highest impact player, and batsman, of the match. It was a perfectly paced innings, and perfect from an Impact perspective too as it checked all parameters. He scored 46% of the target by himself ( Runs Tally Impact ), at a very fast pace ( Strike Rate Impact ), under pressure with India at 23/3 in the fifth over ( Pressure Impact ), constructed ​a match-winning ​partnership ( Partnership-Building Impact )​ with Yuvraj Singh​, and stayed unbeaten to see out the chase ( Chasing Impact ). And if that wasn’t enough, he had Fielding Impact for effecting a dismissal. It was also the second-highest impact performance of his T20I career.

​Yuvraj (24 off 23), meanwhile, was the second-highest impact batsman of the match. His impact was higher than Shoaib Malik and Ahmed Shehzad, even though they scored more than him, because of the situation in which his runs came.

Ravindra Jadeja edged Mohammad Amir to finish as the highest impact bowler of the match. Jadeja broke a partnership by taking one top/middle order wicket (that of Umar Akmal) and was highly restrictive too. Amir, though, was the most frugal bowler in the match.

Shoaib Malik was Pakistan’s highest impact player for his 16-ball-26, an innings that saw him bail Pakistan out of a potentially tricky situation.

Based on each side’s performance, India had a 60% higher impact than Pakistan in the match. Both the teams had seven players each with a Match Impact of at least 1 (the minimum for a performance to not be deemed as a failure) but Virat Kohli’s virtuoso performance was the real differentiator.


Karthik Swaminathan