In the famous Adelaide Test in 2003 against Australia that India won, Dravid’s second innings unbeaten 72 had a higher impact than his first innings 233.

This is why.

The first innings totals for both sides crossed 500- Australia 556 (Ponting 242) and India 523 (Dravid 233, Laxman 148). Even though Dravid (and Laxman) stabilised the innings from 82 from 4, Dravid shared his impact with these two and all the others who contributed to the first innings tally of 1079 (at an average of 54 per wicket) for both sides.

But in the second innings, the character of the Test changed entirely. Australia made just 196, and India were set 233 to win in the fourth innings, which they did after losing 6 wickets (second innings average runs per wicket: 27) with Dravid staying not out to see his team home in a tense fourth innings chase. Even without his massive 233 in the first innings, this unbeaten 72 ensured Dravid had a big impact in the game.



Jaideep Varma/Soham Sarkhel

NOTE: This piece is up-to-date as of August 2016