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David Warner who won the Orange Cap for the highest aggregate runs in IPL 2015, is only the seventh-highest impact batsman in the tournament. Warner had the highest Runs Tally Impact for Hyderabad but only the fourth-highest in the tournament overall. His Strike Rate Impact was also only the tenth-highest in this edition. And coupled with this, Hyderabad failed to qualify for the knockouts, taking away the opportunity from Warner to produce a tournament-defining performance (TD) in the tournament.

Dwayne Bravo won the Purple Cap but is only the sixth-highest impact bowler of IPL 2015. Despite accounting for the maximum number of wickets, he was only at number 5 in Top/Middle Order Wickets Impact. His Economy Impact was also not flattering. Chennai lost in the final and Bravo did not produce a very high impact bowling performance in the knockout stages, thus failing to get any impact points for performance in big matches.

Highest Impact Batsmen in IPL 2015 (tournament-context):

1. Lendl Simmons (2.98)

Lendl Simmons emerges as the highest impact batsman of IPL 2015 despite not being the highest run-getter or topping the averages and strike rate charts. This is primarily because of his high-impact performances in Qualifier 1 (65 in 51 balls) and the final (68 in 45 balls), opening the innings – both tournament-defining performances . Simmons laid the foundation and provided the innings with the impetus, giving Mumbai a strong base and the likes of Kieron Pollard and Rohit Sharma the freedom to attack, helping their team to huge totals. Interestingly, Simmons had a negative Strike Rate Impact in the tournament.

2. Ajinkya Rahane (2.66)

Ajinkya Rahane is only second to Chris Gayle as far as proportion of runs scored in a match is concerned. He was very consistent, failing in just 3 of the 13 innings he batted in. He displayed the best ability to forge partnerships (after Virat Kohli) and also excellent temperament in chases, ending as the second-highest impact chaser in the tournament.

3. Virat Kohli (2.60)

Virat Kohli scored a large proportion of Bangalore’s runs and was extremely consistent, failing in just 3 of the 14 innings he batted in. He displayed the best ability to forge partnerships in the tournament.

4. AB de Villiers (2.45)

AB de Villiers showed glimpses of why he is the best batsman in contemporary world cricket but with a 38% failure rate, was a little inconsistent in the tournament. He had the second highest Strike Rate Impact in IPL 2015, only after Andre Russell.

5. Rohit Sharma (2.43)

Rohit Sharma gave a tournament-defining performance (TD) against Chennai in the final and absorbed the maximum pressure (of falling wickets) in the tournament.

Highest Impact Bowlers in IPL 2015 (tournament-context):

1. Lasith Malinga (2.72)

Lasith Malinga was the second-highest wicket-taker but the highest impact bowler of the tournament. His story in IPL 2015 is a tale of two contrasting halves. His performance in the second half of the tournament was 65% better than his showing in the first. He displayed big-match temperament with a TD in Qualifier 1, narrowly missing out on the same in the final. He was brilliantly consistent with a Bowling Failure Rate of just 7% from 15 outings. He displayed the best ability to make inroads in the opposition top and middle order and was the third most restrictive bowler of the tournament.

2. Mitchell Starc (2.43)

Mitchell Starc was the most consistent bowler of the tournament, and amazingly did not fail in even one of the 11 matches he bowled in. He was also the most restrictive bowler of IPL 2015 with a 30% higher Economy Impact than R Ashwin, the second-most restrictive bowler of the tournament.

Although he had the highest Lower-Order Wickets Impact, he displayed a low propensity to pick up top and middle order wickets – a trend he has shown since World Cup 2015.

3. Mitchell McClenaghan (2.22)

Although a little inconsistent, Mitchell McClenaghan showed a knack of picking crucial top and middle order opposition wickets and was also very disciplined with the ball. He peaked in the finale giving a TD in the final against Chennai.

4. Yuzvendra Chahal (2.11)

Yuzvendra Chahal was the highest impact Indian bowler in the tournament, leading the pack of leg-spinners who did well in this years’ edition. He had the third-highest Top/Middle Order Wickets Impact, only behind Malinga and McClenaghan. He displayed the best ability to break partnerships in the tournament and was also the most consistent spinner in the tournament.

5. Morne Morkel (2.10)

The third-most consistent bowler in the tournament (with a Bowling Failure Rate of 14%) after Starc and Malinga, Morne Morkel was the highest impact bowler for Kolkata in IPL 2015. He picked up a fair share of top/middle order wickets and was also difficult to score off.

Highest Impact Players in IPL 2015 (tournament-context):

1. Lendl Simmons (2.99)

2. Lasith Malinga (2.72)

3. Rohit Sharma (2.75)

4. Virat Kohli (2.70)

5. Shane Watson (2.61)



Nikhil Narain

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