Impact Index is an organic and holistic analytics system in cricket.

Its fundamentals are centred on two things -match context and series/tournament context. And it calculates everything from the score-card.

It sniffs out details that no one else can spot with the naked eye.

So, first, it evaluates every single performance in a match only within the context of that game (as a ratio against the other 21 performances in the same match).

Then, it looks at that from a series/tournament perspective and when it is a high impact performance, it increases in value (proportionate to the player’s performances in that event and how his team eventually fares).

In fact, even if we keep it entirely simple -and say, for example, just factor in runs tally and strike rate for batsmen, this would still be superior to anything that exists today to evaluate batsmen. This is the reason why no other system can do even a shadow of cross-era analysis with any conviction.

This is a comprehensive system that covers every aspect of the sport and all eras in all formats. It is not like those random novelty academic one-off statistical exercises that the media finds fashionable to quote from, off-and-on, which vanish without a trace thereafter.

For those who think cricket does not need analytics, we just ask them to remember that this is not a dance recital but a sport, with winning as its objective. And that too, winning the series (or tournament), not merely the match.

In a sport that is almost entirely run on numbers, analytics is essential accounting for what goes on in the middle.

Impact Index simplifies the game for the casual follower but also deepens it considerably for the aficionado. It can be used for ranking systems (current and cross-era), live coverage, cutting edge analysis, predictive forecasts and more. It is invaluable to T20 cricket particularly, which does not have any stats system to guide it.

More than a stats system, we believe Impact Index is a mindset, one that understands the importance of context at every step. And we hope to tell stories through this, rather than merely crunching numbers.

We hope to quantify a lot of what people are subjectively thinking.

No other analytics system in any sport, anywhere in the world, can do four things simultaneously – have a role to play in live broadcasts, create unique editorial for print and television/online, team selection/consultancy (especially for T20 franchises) based on Impact numbers and at the same time rewriting cricket history and telling stories never told before.

In the end -it is very simple. If you believe that cricket performances should be judged in the context of the match and the series/tournament it is from, then this might just change your way of looking at the game forever.

By no means does analysing sport like this take away its pleasure. All of us at Impact Index can vouch for this. In fact, this enhances it as we see newer details and the bigger picture more clearly than before.

We hope you will enjoy it like we do.

Explanation video here.

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